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About the Library

Misson Statement

The Newfield Public Library will provide a comprehensive collection of materials and services to meet the informational and recreational reading needs of a growing, changing community.



The library has been serving the community since 1894. It received its permanent charter from the state in 1900. It is currently housed in the former Grange building, which was donated to the library in 1970. The previous library building was destroyed in the 1969 fire. The library underwent a major expansion and renovation in the 1990s. The library has since grown in the number of patrons served, services offered, and hours open.

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Policies (Adobe Reader required)

Loan Policy (Updated May 2019)
Computer Policy
Gifts Policy
Building Use Policy
Bulletin Board Policy
Community Sign Policy
Collections Management Policy
Art Display Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Reconsideration Request Policy



Danielle Marlette Perkins, Director
Helen Chaffee
Vicki Cody
D. Joan Lockwood
Jonathan Long


Throughout the year, the library relies on assistance from volunteers. Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • bakers and workers for bake sales

  • Old Home Days parade committee

  • community sign

  • donations assistance

  • shelf reading


Board of Trustees

Chrissy Emery, President
Glenn Caslick, Vice President
Vanessa Greenlee
AnnMarie Esposito
Jessie Wells
Tammy Kubinec-Smith

Theresa Albert, Treasurer
Sarah Adams, Secretary

Board of Trustees Application 2018 (pdf)

Newfield Library Annual Report to the Community (Adobe Reader required)

Community Report 2017 (for the year ending 2016)
Community Report 2016 (for the year ending 2015)
Community Report 2015 (for the year ending 2014)
Community Report 2014
(for the year ending 2013)
Community Report 2013 (for the year ending 2012)
Community Report 2012 (for the year ending 2011)
Community Report 2011 (for the year ending 2010)
Community Report 2010 (for the year ending 2009)
Community Report 2009 (for the year ending 2008)

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Covered Bridge Keepsake

cat's meow

Purchase a Cat's Meow keepsake of the covered bridge on ebay or at the library.


Town of Newfield Contacts

Town Hall
166 Main Street
M-Thu 8-4; F 7-1

Fire Department
77 Main Street
564-7222; 911 for emergencies

Highway Department

Post Office
298 Main Street
M-F 9-4:45 (closed 12:30-1:30);
Sat 9:30-12

Newfield Central School
247 Main Street

HOURS: Mon-Thu 2-8 pm | Sat 10 am-2 pm
Newfield Public Library | 198 Main Street | PO Box 154 | Newfield, NY 14867 | (607) 564-3594
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