Join us on Monday, November 29 at 6:00 pm at the Fire Hall for a special event with Ken Serfass. Ken is a first-person impressionist with forty-seven years studying his childhood hero, US Grant.   It is with a profound honor that he tells the story of one of America’s greatest military leaders and Ken takes it very seriously to reaffirm Grant’s place of honor among the most respected people of our nation’s history.  His passion for the subject is evident in his presentation and it is hard not to be affected by his enthusiasm for his subject and believe that you’ve met US Grant in living history.

As a full-time professional living historian portraying Ulysses S. Grant, Ken does many appearances each month on multiple subjects. At this event, he will present “Myths and Misunderstandings”.  When you sit down with US Grant, you will be encouraged to openly discuss the life lessons that formed the most successful general in our history, and a man who was admired in his own time even more than Abraham Lincoln.   In this encounter US Grant will tell you how his reactions and decisions as a boy and young officer shaped the man he became. Popular myth in our age has distorted the truth about Grant in many instances, and Ken’s program is meant to give the guests a better understanding of who Grant really was, by bringing him to life.

Brought to you by the Newfield Public Library and Newfield Historical Society.

Ken Serfass as Ulysses S. Grant on November 29