Hello neighbors!  Does it frustrate you to learn about an event after it is over?  Have you struggled to get the word out about a community event?  Do you wonder why we don’t have one calendar for everything that is happening in Newfield?  You are not alone!  For these reasons and more, a group of community members have been exchanging ideas to improve communication about events and other happenings in Newfield.  We hope you agree the information below is a great start to improving communication.  

How to stay informed about community events:

A way to effectively share event information with the community is to consistently distribute it to a list of advertising outlets that are most widely used by community members.  Newfield Public Library now offers a free service to distribute event information to the applicable* outlets on behalf of all Newfield organizations (see list below).  Event information can be submitted online or in-person at the library. Visit the library’s “Submit an Event” page for details or stop by for an information packet. 

*Reasons why an event may not appear at some outlets: 

  1. Timing: Some outlets have a 2 week lead time.
  2. Restrictions: Some outlets have restrictions.  For example, the library website only promotes library events.  
  3. Physical space:  Some outlets, like the community sign, have limited space.  
  4. Organizer responsibility:  Promoting on social media (plus any outlet not on the list) and distributing posters is handled by the event organizer.  

The list of outlets is maintained by the library based on community input and currently includes:

  • Social media – Newfield Community Facebook group, Instagram
  • Newfield Public Library website, virtual bulletin board, and newsletter
  • Newfield Central School website, mobile application, and newsletter 
  • Town of Newfield website and email notification system.
  • Community sign near Tioga State Bank
  • Newspapers (physical copies and/or online) – Tompkins Weekly, News Chronicle (formerly Newfield News), Ithaca Times, Ithaca Journal, 14850.com
  • Radio – Cayuga Radio Group, WVBR
  • TV – Haefele TV, Spectrum TV, WENY, WSKG
  • Posters on local bulletin boards – Newfield Public Library, Tioga State Bank, Covered Bridge Market, Post Office, Town Hall, Places of Worship, Newfield Central School.
  • As of November 2023, the Newfield Daily News document can be picked up at the library and includes information about upcoming events and other happenings.  

We recommend each community member stays connected to one or more outlets based on your needs. 

How to stay informed about school events and other business

Newfield Central School has several options to receive information:

  • The School Calendar is the academic schedule.
  • The Athletic Calendar is for all school sporting events and practice schedules. 
  • The Event Calendar is for News and events like plays, concerts, and some community events.  Exploring the school’s home page is also a great way to stay informed.
  • The school’s mobile app is a great resource to receive this information.  Search for Newfield CSD in the App Store or Google Play.  Once downloaded, you can configure notifications as well.  
  • The District Newsletter is released every other month.  Receive it via email by completing the form on the same page.  If you would like to receive a copy in the mail, please call Lori Owens at 607-564-9955.

For community members that do not use the internet, the library computers can be used to explore the school’s website and to print information if needed.  

How to stay informed about town notices and other business

The Town of Newfield has recently implemented the Tompkins County SIREN mass notification system.  It supports text, voice, and/or email.  Details can be found here.  Once registered, opt in for Newfield  Newfield Emergency Alerts and Community News. 

The Town also maintains an email list that is used to notify community members about town board and planning board meetings and other town business.   We recommend you opt into receiving email  messages from the town here or visit their website and browse to Contact Us/Get Involved and Stay Informed.  Please consider volunteering to serve on a planning subcommittee using the same form.

For community members that do not use the internet, the library can help you sign up for SIREN voice only notification.  Library computers can be used to explore the Town’s website.  Community members are always welcome to stop by Town Hall for information.

The best way to stay informed about the Town Recreation is to view their facebook page. 

What do you think?

We have done our best to propose solutions to a complicated problem which will evolve over time and always be a work in progress.  We welcome your feedback and encourage you to participate!  Please contact Sue via phone at 607-564-3594 or email  newfieldlibrary@gmail.com.  

To continue receiving emails from the town, please opt in to their mailing list here or visit their website and browse to Contact Us/Get Involved and Stay Informed.

Improving Communication in Newfield